Salon Philosophy and Image

For over 30 years, Savoir Faire has built a remarkable reputation in the community.


We are proud and super-excited to reopen in a newly renovated setting, under new management, with renewed energy - to provide our expertise to all existing and new customers!  

The new Savoir Faire now provides space for independent operators who require shared physical space but who also want to manage and serve their own customer bases. This business model provides diverse talent for diverse customer preferences.   

The new Savoir Faire is located in the same iconic building (with the giant shoe outside) on Rt. 97, an easy reach for local and surrounding communities. We provide convenient and ample parking for all our customers. 

Welcome to our new team of independent stylists

Hair stylists: Kim Beal, Julie LeBlanc, Ely Scott, Voula Parrish, and Doreen Morneault  

Nail Technician: Patty Amirault  603-303-5286
Massage Therapist: Jacqui Magaletta 617-755-1739

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Doreen Morneault

Proprietor, Board Certified Haircolorist

SAVOIR FAIRE is a French term, when loosely translated, means "to know how".  Savoir Faire can be defined as providing "Know How"  to our customers.