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Specialty Hair Color Services

First Time Color          

Application of a permanent color from new growth to ends to cover your gray hair or to create a new look.

Retouch Color 

All Nutrient Permanent Hair Color is applied to new growth only.

Color Balancing 

Ammonia Free Keratint Color Glaze is applied to your faded ends during All Nutrient Permanent Regrowth Color Application, leaving you with less damage and a brilliant shine.     

Dimensional Color with Foils 

A technique of blending light and dark tones into the hair. This provides a Bold or Subtle look of multiple tones and hues for richness and shine.   

Highlights with Foil 

Thin or thick pieces of hair woven and separated with foil, lightened to brighten and add dimension to your natural hair color. Subtle or bold, it’s your choice.

Lowlights with Foil 

Similar to Highlights with Foil, except the separated hair is darkened for a more natural look on lightened hair or perfect to reduce the look of grey.


Partial Highlights with Foil 

Same service as highlights with foil but limited to a fewer number of foils and priced accordingly. This can be done in between your Full Highlights to maintain a fresh look.     

Highlights with Cap  

Pieces of hair pulled through a cap, lightened to brighten and add dimension to your natural hair color. This service is limited to short "pixie-like" hair.


Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.


A sun-kissed natural looking hair color - similar to what nature gives us as children - with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines.    

Demi Permanent Color Glaze  

Keratint Glaze is a demi color that uses no ammonia, no direct dyes, provides gray coverage with no tonal lift, and adds Brilliant shine with less damage than a permanent color.

Double Process Bleach and Tone 

(Consultation Required). This process removes all your natural color leaving a pale blonde result. A toner of a complimentary color will then be applied for your new all-over blonde look.

Men’s 5-Minute Shading 

The latest in hair color technology, contains no ammonia and gives you a translucent, natural-looking appearance with gray coverage up to 100%.

Eyebrow Tint  
Color Editing, Corrective Color or Complete Color Change
($ charge determined upon consultation)

Correction of an unwanted hair color that may require removing the existing color and adding several new color applications until the desired result is achieved. Or changing your current hair color completely from one fantasy color to another. 

The Title of
Board Certified Haircolorist 

Sets qualified individuals apart from the masses and establishes a higher level of professionalism and credibility for the consumer. 
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